Sunday, May 01, 2005

Criminals R Stupid

My best friend is a cop, so not only do I get to hear some interesting stories, but I also get to hear some of the tricks and techniques used in law enforcement. One thing that is universal is that criminals are stupid, and eventually they will make a mistake that causes their crimes to be solved.

Often, what happens is that the crooks brag about their crimes to friends and/or family, and those people turn them in. What happened this week was even dumber.

Three roofers from Massachusetts claimed to have found a stash of old currency buried in the yard of a friend. The story became national news, and a couple of the guys were making rounds at the various network talk shows, telling their story and showing off the loot.

While they were doing this, the police figured out that these guys had stolen the money from a home where they had done repair work. One of the guys confessed to this, saying they had made up the buried treasure story to cover the theft.

His lawyer is trying to get the confession thrown out, so we’ll have to see where this story leads. Still, you don’t often see thieves steal something, and then go on national TV to show off their ill-gotten booty.


rob said...

LOL! That's hilarious. I just happened to see that segment on the Today show.

You got a URL for the story?

Jerry P. Palm said...

Link to story