Saturday, February 07, 2009

Live Blog: Purdue @ Illinois

I will be in Champaign on Sunday, Feb. 8 at Noon CT to live blog the Purdue-Illinois game. You can follow along on the live blog page.


Roberto Gravez said...
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Roberto Gravez said...

Mr. Palm,

You are quoted today in the Wichita Eagle as saying of K-State:

"Going 10-6 in the weaker division is not something that will stand the committee on its head."

Um, excuse me, sir, but what Big 12 have you been watching this season? Perhaps you should study the rankings and conference standings and note that the North has dominated the South this season ON THE COURT. Of course, in hype and media love, the South always dominates, but let's see: KU beat OU; KSU, Mizzou, and Nebraska all beat Texas. K-State thumped A&M in College Station.

Seems to me that you are basing your estimation of the divisions on preseason hype not what's actually happened in the league this season. Sure, no one thought KU, Mizzou, and K-State would be the toughest teams in the conference, but there it is. The head to heads don't lie.

Anonymous said...

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