Sunday, November 30, 2008

What'd I do?

Texas fans have been taking my name in vain all week, but they aren't alone. Apparently, people are lining up all over to take shots at me.

I received a surprising phone call from a friend this morning to tell me that the folks on the ESPN Sports Reporters show took aim during some BCS discussion.

It was a typical BCS discussion, whining about the ratings, especially the computers, the lack of a playoff, and the system in general. Very low-level stuff. High on outrage, low on ideas.

At some point, Mike Lupica of the NY Daily News says, "How many of these computer geeks, who have so much power in this sport, are gonna let the numbers fall, and the season hangs in the balance for Texas and Oklahoma, it's not right."

John Saunders, the moderator of the group, then says, "Computers are only 1/3 of the equation...But what a lot of people have a beef with is the Harris Poll, where a gentleman by the name of Jerry Palm is on the list."

Lupica interjects, "who sits in his basement in (simultaneously with Bob Ryan) Indiana!"

I've never met Saunders or Lupica. I'm surprised they have even heard of me, let alone know where I live. Perhaps they are confusing me with Jeff Sagarin, who also lives in Indiana. I don't know what I did to float to the top of their minds, and especially to inspire such disdain.

To be clear, I am not a voter in the Harris poll. If nominated, I would not run. If elected, I would not serve.

And one more thing: I sit in my attic, not my basement.


Jason Boskey said...

At least you're being talked about. This is actually a good thing.

Second, they are some jealous-types to be talking about you.

Third, they act as if what they do is any more geeking out than sitting in your basement, attic, or at a Purdue game.

Jerry P. Palm said...

Oh, I got a big laugh out of it. I may see if I can get a correction next week and get mentioned again! :)

Ceci said...

Ever since it started the BCS has got people all cranky... always some controversy. Thank goodness I am bigger on hoops than the pointy-ended brown ball... and thank goodness for Texas fans I am anti-gun! ;o)

Anonymous said...

TSR has been in the tank since Dick Schaap died. Lupica still thinks OU ran it up on TAMUin 2003, and still hasn't watched the game.