Monday, September 25, 2006

My first game story

Many of you know me from my websites, where I cover college football and basketball from the perspective of the postseason and the rankings used to select the teams for those games. In addition to that, has given me a chance to go out and actually cover games. Specifically, I'll be covering Notre Dame home games for them, and the first one was the Michigan game (we couldn't get the logistics worked out in time to go to the Penn St game).

Doing "real" game coverage is new for me. I've written blurbs and stories about games before, but I have rarely had access to the players and coaches and all my "deadlines" have been self-imposed. Here, I have a credential, sit in the press box and have to write something before I go home.

I'll write more about my press box experiences later, but for now, here's the story I wrote after the Michigan-ND game. There's a couple of sentences I'd like to have back to translate into English, but otherwise, I think it's not too bad. Feel free to disagree.

I'll be at the Purdue game this week, so check out to see that story. It's more than a little ironic that as a Purdue grad who has never wished ND well on the field, my first assignment is to cover the Irish. I don't think I'll have trouble being fair though. The first story was pretty negative on ND and Brady Quinn in particular, but that was a pretty negative game. I'm sure with a remaining home schedule of Purdue, Stanford, North Carolina, UCLA and Army, I'll have plenty of chances to be positive.